Your Deep-Dive into Process Excellence

In this course you will setup and launch a company-wide business transformation at Graphite Motors, an electric sports car company, and will improve core processes within the company’s manufacturing plant, financial services division and battery chemicals lab.

The hands-on approach of this course will give you unprecedented insight into the most cutting edge process excellence methods and tools and will empower you to lead transformation teams, model process performance, design world-class efficient processes and achieve deep financial impact.

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Course Content


Assignment 1

Launch a Process Excellence Transformation

Setup and launch your first Process Excellence Transformation at the electric sports car company Graphite Motors. Set the scope of the transformation within the company and put together a task force to lead the transformation.

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Assignment 2

Conduct a customer survey and identify the customer value-drivers

Perform a comprehensive survey to understand the voice of the customer of Graphite Motor’s manufacturing and leasing divisions and establish measurable customer value-drivers across the company’s main core processes.


Assignment 3

Create a KPI dashboard and model process performance

Collect comprehensive data and establish customer and process KPIs to accurately model and represent performance in Graphite Motor’s most relevant processes.


Assignment 4

Perform a data-driven root cause analytics

Leverage on data analytics to identify patterns and uncover deep-rooted problems within the company’s production and services processes.


Assignment 5

Identify value-added and non-value-added elements

Apply process analysis to find the sources of value-destruction and identify value-added activities within the company’s battery chemicals lab and financial services divisions.


Assignment 6

Apply factory physics and optimize a production plant

Learn the basics of factory physics and analyze Graphite Motors’ manufacturing process. Apply the theory of constraints or Lean Management in order to set the basis for improvements.


Assignment 7

Design a new end-to-end process

Improve and redesign the company’s battery chemicals lab and calculate the financial impact of the solution.


Assignment 8

Digitize a leasing process

Create and digitize an improved end-to-end financing process.


Assignment 9

Setup a process control mechanism

Create a sustainable process control mechanism to continuously monitor process performance.

About this MicroMaster

The Process Excellence MicroMaster prepares you for a career as a process improvement expert or process engineer. You will learn how to deploy business transformation initiatives and will gain in-depth knowledge on topics such as end-to-end customer experience, process-flow and process-data analysis, end-to-end process design, or process controlling.

The Process Excellence MicroMaster fully covers and goes beyond the content of classical Lean Six Sigma Green Belt trainings and is an ideal step towards GreenBelt certification.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in operational excellence, this MicroMaster is the way for you to go.