Online Lean Six Sigma Courses: A Reflexion

lean six sigma, online learning

In April 2017 we set off to create amazing online trainings on lean six sigma in order to reach a broad population. Now, after less than a year, this vision is now becoming reality. With our Process Excellence Pod Training (equivalent to a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training) we have already reached dozens of online corporate students bringing them the benefits of process excellence to their own computers, tablets and smartphones.

Making an impact

One of our recent customers noted proudly “after comparing different online courses on Lean Six Sigma, we have decided to pick Leanogy because of its engaging content, superb quality and enormous learning effect.” Although we love to hear that kind of feedback, we’re still working on improving (continuous improvement!) to deliver even better online trainings. This is only the beginning.

Keep away from low price and low quality

The online market is literally full of Lean Six Sigma courses that all promise huge benefits at all levels of your organization. Most of them also offer a certification upon completion (how on earth can you be a certified white, yellow, green or black belt just by clicking yourself through an online course?). We all know how frustrating it is to pay good money for a course that -well- doesn’t really deliver what it promises. Imagine how frustrating this experience can be at a corporate level.

That’s why at Leanogy we are constantly seeking to improve our learning method that is implicit in all our (current and future) courses. Continuous improvement also means constantly improving the quality of our goods and services to render the highest possible value to our customers.

Thank you for supporting us in this quest for knowledge.